Our brilliant kitchen team allows us to serve you with authentic cuisines from every corner of the world. The menu invites you to embark on culinary travels around the world and the fresh preparation of our dishes is compelling on every account. In addition to our à-la-carte selections, we offer you a small menu and, of course, our popular daily menus. Feel the combination of romance and elegance, allow yourself to be enveloped by hospitality and a wonderful ambience, and enjoy your evening to the full in the Restaurant Schuh.

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Banquet menu list(354 MB, PDF file)

Banquet menu list - small (333 MB, PDF file)

A la carte menu (135 KB, PDF file)

Afternoon Menu (14.00-18.00) (190 KB, PDF file)

Dessert menu(150 KB, PDF file)

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Under the guidance of our head chef Franz Amacher, we will surprise you with innovative dishes that draw predominantly from one of three cooking styles: Regional rustic, modern fusion and Far Eastern. Wherever possible we make use of seasonal and local produce, naturally, of the finest quality.