About Us

The history of Interlaken's "Schuh"

  • 1818, purchase of a plot of land along the Höheweg in Interlaken, and the subsequent construction of a guesthouse.
  • 1885, purchase by Christian Shoe.
  • 1899, creation of the famous "Schuh Lady" motif by Jacob Friedrich Schuh.
    A skilled chocolatier, Jacob devoted himself to his love of chocolates and sold the finest confectionery
    and pastries to locals and tourists. The fine reputation of the "Schuh" spread quickly across Europe.
  • 1910, Jacob Friedrich Schuh passes away.
    The Schuh family loses interest in the chocolate business.
    However the excellent reputation of the establishment is sustained until 1955.
  • 1955, purchase by Fritz Beutler who had a clear vision for the future of the business.
    He renovated the 22 rooms and enlarged the kitchens and restaurant.
  • Fritz (junior) and his wife Hedy continued the father’s good work by introducing an international dimension to the culinary art on offer at the “Schuh”.
  • 2003, acquisition by Cecilia and Jürg Kirchhofer, who placed the focus on high quality allied with excellent service.
  • Since February 2011, we, Eun-Hae und Jürg Lehmann, have run the Grand Café Restaurant with heart-felt passion and joy. In doing so, we are adhering to the core values of the “Schuh” and continuing to develop its uniqueness for the benefit of our guests.


In the 1950s, the former German Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer exclaimed: "The Schuh is always good" – and that remains the case to this day.

The story behind the "Schuh" lady

Once upon a time there was a charming young lady who was as beautiful and graceful as a princess. People travelled from far and wide to her tiny and high-class shop full of the most wonderful chocolate specialities she made herself.

When the time came for the young girl to marry, a large competition was held in the village. Young men came from throughout the land to court the beautiful lady, to woo her with daring tricks, expensive gifts and to serenade her with music. But she finally chose as the prince of her heart the cobbler who presented her with a beautiful shoe created from the finest chocolate.